We are accepting submissions for our 2020 issue between now and June 1st, 2020, with the theme for the upcoming issue being ADAPTATION. As guiding principles, the following was written about what comes to our mind regarding this theme:

Our sense of place seems most comforting when we feel that solidity, that continuity, that stability that grounds us, anchors us in our community. But in reality the place we occupy is continually evolving, the environment constantly changing, the social conventions warping and morphing, we ourselves and our loved ones growing older. And as the world changes around us, we adapt. We change. We continue on, our sense of place sometimes slipping and sliding on shifting sands rather than sitting pinned to bedrock.

Looking at the dictionary definition of “adaptation,” we see how it is “… the act or process of adapting, fitting, modifying; adjustment to the environmental changes; the continuing process through which groups modify to meet the requirements of their social and physical environment; a modification for a new use; a composition rewritten into a new form….”

In our theme for this issue of Konza Journal, ADAPTATION, we hope to incorporate all those dictionary definitions of the word, encounter all the ways we maintain or reinvent our sense of place, how we adapt, as the world swirls around us. Come and share your story of adaptation as it speaks through you to the natural world, community, eco-community, local economies and cultures, climate and social changes, and other areas of life.

Other things to know: while there is a June 1st deadline for this issue, the sooner you submit, the sooner we’ll be in touch. Konza is a labor of love working outside the monetary system — we produce it and distribute it for free, and contributors don’t get paid. Previously-published material is acceptable to submit if you own the rights to the material.

Please feel free to submit material relating to:

  • Bioregionalism: the bioregional movement, bioregional news, philosophy, theory, and practice.
  • Currents: News, art, and reflections on contemporary  culture, appropriate technology and bioregional practices as well as on the ecological health and related issues.
  • Deep Time: History, herstory, genealogy, and other ways of looking at the prairie bioregion over time.
  • Sense of Place: Your experiences connecting to the living earth and sky, via  recordings, written stories, illustrations, photographs, etc. that evoke sense of place
  • Sources and Resources: Links to important sources to consider, including appropriate technologies, climate and ecology, ecological arts and discoveries.
  • Bundles: Each issue features a special bundle on a specific topic, featuring writing, art, science, and other aspects of this topic.

For an idea of what we publish, visit the most current issue at

We welcome:

  • Creative writing, including poetry, stories (limit of 2000 words), drama, spoken word, songs, performances of original work, and mixed-genre writing. Must be submitted as a doc although in the case of poetry, we encourage you to also send the poetry as a pdf so we can see the exact layout).
  • Critical writing and articles, such as research-based essays, journalistic writing, literary journalism and other such form. Must be submitted as a doc.
  • Videos you’ve already uploaded to Vimeo, Youtube or another reputable host site.
  • Audio recordings and/or podcasts already uploaded to Soundcloud or another reputable host site.
  • Photographs in jpeg files.
  • Drawings, paintings, and other fine arts photographed and shared in jpeg files.
  • Activities and writing for and/or by children.
  • Links for our resources list.

Please note that we will not consider any material hateful in nature or that doesn’t relate in any way to bioregionalism and/or the prairies.

Go here for the the submission link.