scan01531 (1)Konza, the journal of the Kansas Area Watershed Council, is an online bioregional journal dedicated to deepening our connection with the earth and sky through engaging with words and images, sound and space. Through reading, listening to, viewing, and considering more deeply the nuances of the prairie and the Kansas river watershed, we can better understand how to live with greater meaning and in greater balance with the natural world.

We published this journal from 1982 – 2015, then took a break for a little over a decade. Now that technology has eliminated the need for us to type whole issues, get out our sheets of rub-on lettering, and try to navigate the illusive bulk mail rules, we’ve relaunched Konza.

The Kansas Area Watershed Council, founded in 1982, is a bioregional group that cultivates community around all issues related to sustainability. We support each other in living in balance with the earth and sky in the Kansas Area Watershed through gatherings, educational programs, creativity and creative thinking, and all the ways we can reinhabit the places where we live. We’re one of the oldest continual bioregional groups on the continent, and we’re committed to keep going, generation after generation, in making and keeping community and eco-community with the living earth and sky.

Konza welcomes you to send your writing, photography, videos, podcasts, visual art and other explorations of bringing to our sense of place a sense of wonder and curiosity. We welcome a wide expanse of expressions from the Kansas watershed, prairie bioregion, and a bioregional vision for our planet. See the guidelines for more information.

dsc08617If you’d like to get involved with this publication and/or the Kansas Area Watershed Council, join us for one of our monthly walkabout/talkabouts — a wonderful gathering of community to wander, converse, share a potluck meal, and meet about our deepest concerns and elations regarding how to live with meaning in concert with our living earth.

This journal is edited by a collective: Roy Beckemeyer, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, and Ken Lassman, with assistance from Kat Greene, Dan Bentley, and Nancy Hubble.