2016 Deep Time


Sunflower field by Joanne C. Hickey

“Kansas Mythos” by TarTara Bartleya Bartley is a poem about mythic Kansas. It begins with:

Bored eyes glance
The declaration of tumultuous histories
Piqued interests breed charm of pride
The life inside a cavum of cardboard boxes
The gather-‘round-sit-down talesBlakeley headshot….

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“A Year’s Lessons” by Jane Blakeley is a poem about annual seasons and cycles, carrying us from January  through astute observations and strong images, to the end of the year.. “The orchid needs two/
ice cubes—a simple need, less/ complex than we thought.” Read all of A Year’s Lessons

Two Poems by William Sheldon“With the Low Poppy Mallow” and “Ungrassed, the Land” are poems by William Sheldon about place over time. “The field is redolent with spiderswort;/ a rich breeze chatters the cottonwood” begins “With the Low Poppy Mallow. “In the best world, we are all/ who we should be, following/ a nature we cannot resist,” starts “Ungrassed, the Land.” Read more from With the Low Poppy Mallow, and Ungrasses, the Land.

Photo of Denise Low by Jason Dailey

Photo of Denise Low by Jason Dailey

“Jackalope Walks into a Colorado Billboard” by Denise Low is poetic prose on other mythic dimensions of place. “Jaq leans up against the “Ride a Jackalope to Trinidad” billboard and basks in the sun. Wind whistles under the frame, but she is warm in this sheltered spot. She settles into the grass and dozes.” Read more here of Jackalope Walks into a Colorado Billboard

“Kansas Glaciers” by Elizabeth Schultz is a poem that looks at place over geologic time.

Beth Schultz copyOff Paw-Paw Creek Road,

we reach the glacier’s edge.

The erratics, roseate, quartzite

rocks, outcasts among our

commonplace limestone clasts…

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Flint Hills in spring by Joanne C. Hickey