Welcome to the 2016 issue of Konza, the publication of the Kansas Area Watershed (KAW) Council. We are happy to feature over 25 writers, photographers, artists, scientists, activists, and community leaders in this re-inaugural issue that includes art and poetry that speak to climate change, a guide on keeping a nature journal, a diverse bouquet of poetry and prose about sense of place, and exploration of bioregionalism up close and from vaster perspectives. Read about submitting material for our 2017 issue now — we welcome submissions between now and July 1, 2017.


Flint Hills panorama by Joanne C. Hickey

2016 Bundle: Sandhill Crane Migration: Each issue of Konza includes a special topic that we explore through a variety of arts and sciences. Our 2016 bundle is all about the sandhill crane migration, following the migration of over 20 KAW Council members in March of 2016 to central Nebraska to see tens of thousands of cranes on the move. Click here to learn more.


Featured Artist: We are thrilled to share the photography of Joanne C. Hickey, our featured artist for our 2016 issue. Joanne writes, “I love to roam about with camera in hand capturing images waiting to be found.  I started to learn about the bioregionalist movement only recently, and it felt like coming home.  I have lived in several Kansas towns and currently reside in Lawrence.” Her photography conveys the vivid details and expansive landscapes and skies of native prairies. Enjoy her photos on all our pages.

Table of Contents

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“A Bioregional Primer” by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg (prose and resource list)

“Loving God Means Loving the Earth” by Gene Marshall (prose)

“One and a Half Poems” by David Haenke

Sources & Resources: An extensive climate change bibliography by Ken Lassman at Kaw Valley Almanac, facilitation and consensus training at the International Institute for Facilitation and Consensus, and an interview with bioregional founder Peter Berg, plus information about the Planet Drum Foundation

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Corn and sky by Joanne C. Hickey


“KAW Projects: Brief Reports” by Daniel Bentley (prose)

“Eric McHenry: Kansas Poet Laureate: An Interview With Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, and ’16 Suite,’ a Poem”

“Heating Up: Artist Respond to Climate Change” – artwork by Lora Jost and poetry by Dennis Etzel

“The Sunrise Project: Food, Community and Nature” – an interview with Emily Hampton

“Beyond Patriarchy” by Joyce Marshall (prose)

“Elegy for the Wakarusa Wetlands” by Elizabeth Schultz (poetry)

“Memories of Jerry Sipe” by Daniel Bentley (prose)

“In Memory: Carl Barnes” thanks to Dianna Rogers

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Deep Time

“Kansas Mythos” by Tara Bartley (poetry)

“A Year’s Lessons” by Jane Blakeley (poetry)

“With the Low Poppy Mallow” and “Ungrassed, the Land” are poems by William Sheldon

“Jackalope Walks into a Colorado Billboard” by Denise Low (prose poem)

“Kansas Glaciers” by Elizabeth Schultz (poetry)

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Autumn maple by Joanne C. Hickey

Sense of Place

“An Interview with Kim Stafford by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, and Kim Stafford’s Poem, ‘Daddy'”

“Just Shy of Stars” by Annette Hope Billings (poetry)

“Burcham Park” by Anne Haehl (poetry)

“Nature Journaling” by Roy Beckemeyer (prose and illustrations)

“Wilson’s Phalarope – Prairie Wetland Harbinger of Spring” by Roy Beckemeyer (photography and prose)

“Dainty Dancers” by Roy Beckemeyer (photography and prose)

“Snow” and “Five Pines” by Mary Silwance (poetry)


Lily by Joanne C. Hickey

“Winter and Her” by Randy Attwood is a collection of prose poems

“Four Poems by Tyler Sheldon” include “Bike Race,” “You Write,” “Home,” and “Watching Sky”

“Look Again” by Sandy Hazlett (poetry)

“Romeo at Pin Oak” by Olive Sullivan (creative non-fiction)

“Kansas Prairie: End of May” by Elizabeth Schultz (poetry)

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2016 Bundle: Sandhill Crane Migration


Hello. I’m a lesser sandhill crane (but not a lesser bird) and happy to meet you

“Meet the Sandhill Crane” by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

Haiku by Daniel Bentley

“Sandhill Cranes” by Julie Michael Flora (poetry)

“Liftoff of the Sandhill Cranes” by Victoria Foth Sherry (poetry)

Video of Sandhill Crane migration by Kris Hermanson

“Sandhill Crane Migration in Action” features photographs by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Julie Flora, and Kris Hermanson

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Many thanks to Kat Greene for proofreading.