Windmill at dawn, Nebraska, 1998 by RJB

We are accepting submissions for our 2020 issue between now and June 1st, 2020, with the theme for the upcoming issue being ADAPTATION. Click here for our guidelines and more information about what comes to our mind regarding this theme.


Our Most Recent Issue of Konza: 

Welcome to the 2017-18 issue of Konza, the publication of the Kansas Area Watershed (KAW) Council. We are happy to feature notable writers, photographers, artists, scientists, activists, and community leaders in this re-inaugural issue that includes art and poetry that speak to climate change, a guide on keeping a nature journal, a diverse bouquet of poetry and prose about sense of place, and exploration of bioregionalism up close and from vaster perspectives. Read our letter from the editors here.

2017 Bundle: A Climate Dance on the Prairie: Each issue of Konza includes a special topic that we explore through a variety of arts and sciences. Our 2017 bundle is all about climate change, thanks to Ken Lassman’s essay, “A Climate Dance on the Prairie,” accompanied by an expansive resource list to learn more. Read more here.

Featured Artist: We are thrilled to share the photography of Roy Beckemeyer of Wichita, who is also a contributing editor of Konza Journal. He and his wife Pat, married for 56 years, have traveled extensively, and have visited all seven continents in their wanderings. He is author of the 2015 Kansas Notable Book Award winner Music I Once Could Dance To (2014, Coal City Press). He blogs at https://phanaerozoic.blog/.

Table of Contents

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Letter from the Editors: Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Roy Beckemeyer, and Ken Lassman

Valley of Fires NP Kamchatka Russia 2006 by RJB


“How to Speak Fluent Prairie” by Cindy Crosby (photography and essay)

“Speaking Prairie Accompaniment” by Roy Beckemeyer with Dennis Etzel, Jr., Annette Hope Billings, and April Pameticky, (poetic musings and photography)

“How One Weekend Gathering 30 Years Ago Changed Everything” by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg (memoir)

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Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly Kansas by RJB

KAW Council Presents an Evening with Five Poets Laureate, and Poems by Kevin Rabas, Eric McHenry, Wyatt Townley, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, and Denise Low (poetry)

“The Work That Reconnects in the Prairie” by Teri Grunthaner and Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg (interview)

“Dragonfly Whisperer On His Side of the Mountain” by Stephen Locke (videos)

Three Poems by Dennis Etzel, Jr. (poetry)

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Deep Time

Good Seeds: A Menominee Indian Food Memoir by Tom Weso” (book reviews and recipe)

“Turtles as Survivors” from The Turtle’s Beating Heart: One Family’s Story of Lenape Survival by Denise Low (memoir)

“When the Amber Waves Were Blue” by Michael J. Everhart (essay)

“Kansas Springs” by Roy Beckemeyer (photo essay)

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Impala buck in South Africa 2005 by RJB

Sense of Place

Three Poems by April Pameticky (poetry)

Two Poems by Victoria Sherry (poetry)

A Selection of Poems by Janet Jenkins-Stotts (poetry)

“Trip Journaling” by Roy Beckemeyer (photo essay)

“Turtles on the Road,” and “The World is “Our Oyster?” by Hank Guarisco

Three Poems and “Bonnie-O” by Olive Sullivan (poetry and fiction)

“Rise” by Annette Hope Billings (poetry)

         Drawings by Mike Watowa (art)

Photographic Essays of Place by Roy Beckemeyer (photo essays)

Photographic Essays of Place – Introduction

Photographic Essays of Place ~ Birds

Photographic Essays of Place ~ South Africa

Photographic Essays of Place ~ The Changing Faces of Water

Photographic Essays of Place ~ Insects

Photographic Essays of Place ~ Landscapes

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Prairie falcon in Kansas by RJB

2017 Bundle: A Climate Dance on the Prairie

“A Climate Dance on the Prairie” by Ken Lassman (essay)

Climate Change Resources for the Prairie complied by Ken Lassman

Banner photo by Joanne C. Hickey; other photos by Roy J. Beckemeyer