scan0449 (1)Konza is the official publication of the Kansas Area Watershed Council. Published regularly from 1982 until 2005, Konza featured poetry, stories, essays, drawings, photographs, recipes, maps, and more to connect readers with the life cycles, communities and ecocommunities, culture and politics of the Kansas area watershed, the prairie bioregion, and the world.mg_0063

We started meeting in the old Appropriate Technology (the organization KAW Council evolved from) office upstairs at the southwest corner of 11th and Massachusetts St. in Lawrence, KS. During the years, we spent a lot of time carefully applying press-on lettering, cutting and pasting typed copy, and sorting bulk mailings according to mysterious and illusive rules that kept changing. We wrote, edited, drew, photographed, and came together to continue to produce well over 100 issues of this sense-of-place literary-and-beyond journal.

scan0080Past issues of Konza have included interviews with and articles by David Abram, Wes Jackson, Stephanie Mills, Paul Hotvedt, Lora Jost, Peter Berg, Denise Low, Stan Herd, William Least-Heat Moon, and many other artists, writers, scholars, visionaries, musicians, homesteaders, and activists.

Click here to see some stories from the last incarnation of Konza, published in 2005.